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Baby Do Your Thing - My New Single, OUT TODAY!

COVID-19 has been so challenging to navigate here in NYC for so many, but one of the few bright spots has been a chance to collaborate with my musician friends remotely on original recordings.

I was commissioned to write the first minute of this song back in 2013 for Two Fresh Productions - a corporate video production company in London with whom I regularly collaborate -- but had recently felt inspired to finish the song out. I brought in some of my favorite collaborators - Nick Braham, bass, Julian Litwack, guitar, Justin Swiney, drums, and my sister, Phoebe Stubblefield on backup vocals (who recorded her parts in Paris!)

This project also marks the first time I've ever recorded my acoustic piano and been happy with the results. I hope to see it make many future appearances! I hope you enjoy, and better yet, share with a friend!


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