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I wrote a pop ballad with Shilpa Narayan

Here's a song I composed with singer Shilpa Narayan a few years ago --- Shilpa can write and deliver a catchy pop hook like no one I know!

From gigs all over New York to sessions in the studio, it's always great to work with her. We connected early on in my New York music career -- she's released several albums of great original pop, so I jumped at the opportunity to write something with her.

On this one I just took my piano work to her and let her stirring melody write over top. That sublime cello work by the always fantastic Samuel Quiggins (another frequent collaborator!) We recorded in a pro studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, bumping into rapper Talib Kwelli as we entered (he'd just finished a session himself).

Shilpa is Cali-based these days, but I look forward to our next collab-o, whenever that may be.

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