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NEW music video collab with Kwame Binea + Paul Carbonara

My friend and regular musical collaborator Kwame Binea says it best -- it's the responsibility of the artist to reflect the times! I was honored and humbled to compose the song "Enough" with him and guitarist Paul Carbonarra in response to the racial injustice and unrest in America and the world. The video's use blended use of historical and present-day footage holds nothing back and drives home the urgency and unfortunately the timelessness of Kwame's message.

For those curious about the process -- we wanted a sound that harkened back to protest music from the civil rights movement. I began with some grooves and harmonies, then Kwame added his powerful vocals and lyrics. Paul really sweetened it with his signature guitar stylings and his great ear for arrangement and production. I hope you all find it as powerful as I did.


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