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Scoring an Explainer Video

I scored this explainer video for Harlem Children's Zone's Stay Covered Harlem campaign. The client needed music that captured an informational tone while encapsulating the essence of Harlem, its target audience. This is a great example of why a custom score -- rather than stock music -- can prove the most economical method to get a message across.

My personal approach is simple -- look for existing rhythmic cues in the video, then create music that underlines key slides or points. In this case, I matched piano and saxophone cues under specific words and phrases, and synth pads under slide transitions. Logic users know well -- nothing like automating some of the Alchemy synth to create changes in tone and texture! It's an exciting challenge to find the right balance of interest in the music itself while also not detracting from the message. Finding the right rhythm is the first step in my process. It's also a rare treat when the music doesn't need to compete with spoken dialogue, as the process has to shift under that circumstance.

It was a thrill to work on!

The client's website is at:


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